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Irish Extra Stout

Peter & Patrick’s

ABV 10% IBU 30

Early in the Spring of 1859, two Irish immigrants who were working as miners, Peter O’Riley and Patrick McLaughlin, began to prospect for minerals in an area around the head of Six-Mile Canyon in Nevada. Just a few months later, they hit “pay-dirt” and the first true portion of the Comstock Lode was discovered and revealed. The Comstock Lode contained the richest deposit of silver to ever be discovered in the United States and, in the end, yielded over 500 Million dollars worth of silver and gold. Peter & Patrick’s discovery of this vein of silver ore began Nevada’s Silver Rush and established Virginia City as one of the busiest, and wealthiest, boomtowns in the country. In referencing such a historic and colossal event, we couldn’t simply brew a traditional Irish Stout (normally 4.5% abv) so we went full Comstock and Loaded this brew with rich deposits of Irish Pale Malt and Chocolate Malt, in order to mine some extra ABV. Our Irish Extra Stout pays tribute to Peter & Patrick’s stupendous discovery and recognizes the rich, and continuing, history of miners in Nevada

Coffee Kölsch

 Golden Rooster

ABV 5.8% IBU 18

In 1957, the owner of The Nugget Casino in Sparks, Nevada commissioned a piece for display at one of the properties’ upcoming restaurants. In true Nevada style, the piece was hand-crafted as a nine-inch tall Golden Rooster fashioned from 255 ounces of 18-karat gold. The bird was given its own burglar-proof coop and proudly displayed within the casino for more than 50 years until it was sold at auction in 2014 for $234,000. To honor the memory of that fantastical fowl, and celebrate innovative creations, we’ve crafted our own Golden Rooster. This resplendent Kölsch, much like its legendary predecessor, shines a brilliant hue while concealing much more underneath. Elegantly hidden beneath the surface are 18-karat flavors of freshly brewed coffee, mocha, and mild caramel, which mingle with the traditional Kölsch components to create a perfectly balanced, but surprising, flavor profile. Luckily, you won’t have to attend an auction to acquire this Golden Rooster, it’s proudly displayed within our coop on a daily basis for all to see…..and sip.

Belgian Tripel

Belgian Balloon Buster

ABV 11% IBU 37

During WWI, the most dangerous occupation for any military airman was that of a “balloon buster”. Military forces would launch reconnaissance balloons behind their own lines for use in observing the front, these balloons had an advantage over airplanes because they could stay in the air longer and launch from compact areas. The balloons were called kite balloons but nicknamed “dragons”, “sausages”, or “gasbags” by soldiers and pilots. Because these kite balloons were filled with flammable hydrogen gas, they might seem like an easy target but the airman tasked with shooting them down often found otherwise as they were forced to fly low and far behind enemy lines in order to attack them. This aerial maneuvering was extremely dangerous and became known as “balloon busting”. While many countries had fantastic WWI era pilots, the Belgian’s enlisted the greatest balloon buster of all-time, Willy Coppens, and were known for their high success rate in engaging enemy balloon positions. Here, we welcome you to “engage” our balloon position (our Midtown taproom) and successfully sample our newest elevated ABV offering. This Belgian flies in all the right directions, soaring with all the classic spicy, fruity, and alcohol flavors that the Tripel style is known for.

West Coast IPA

A Little West of Center

ABV 7.1% IBU 40

We love a good slogan but sometimes correct timing and usage are needed to provide the proper context and drive effectiveness. Our city, as a destination, has had its share of poorly received slogans and marketing campaigns, anyone long for the days of “Reno, Reno….Twice as Friendly”, but it also boasts one of the best city nicknames in the country, “The Biggest Little City in the World”. While “A Little West of Center” was lambasted upon its reveal as the new city slogan in 2009, then Mayor Bob Cashell famously said, “it embarrasses the city of Reno”, perhaps it was just ahead of its time. Reno’s rise as a craft-centric beer city and beverage tourism destination wouldn’t come for years and now the phrase makes more sense…….at least to craft beer enthusiasts. Our West-Coast style IPA uses Azacca and Amarillo hops to produce the classic bitterness and bold, piney notes you expect from the style, but hints of citrus and the unique malt bill definitely move this brew “West of Center”. Everyone deserves a shot at redemption and here we give it via our featured IPA, so, don’t be confused or embarrassed just be accepting of the fact that this phrase has found its home…..Wonder Aleworks.

Kettle Sour

Prickly Pear Pixie


ABV 5% IBU 13

The state of Nevada is home to no less than 7 prevalent species of Prickly Pear Cactus and our arid ecosystem is perfect for the proliferation of these cacti. The fruit of the Prickly Pear has flavors reminiscent of watermelon and under-ripe strawberry, with earthy undertones and floral aromas. These amazingly resilient plants are rumored to mark the territories protected by “pixies”. Pixies are rich in magic and these tiny, mischievous, fairy-like creatures have an affinity for casting charms that both enhance nature and affect human behavior. Their most notable supernatural enterprise is the sprinkling of “pixie dust”, which can bring good luck, cause plants to grow more quickly, make your tastebuds tingle, or grant the ability to fly!!! The Prickly Pear characteristics of this beer are propelled forward by the addition of Passionfruit, this tangy tropical fruit forms the citrus backbone of this crisp, pleasantly tart ale. Whether you believe in pixies or not, you can experience some of their “magic” by ordering your brew WITH pixie dust…..give it a try and see if it tingles your fancy.

***Disclaimer: Humans cannot fly…EVER, so please do not attempt to do so. If you’d like to wear a cape and make “whooshing” noises though, we’ll allow it.

Amber Ale

One Hit Wonder Series: 99 Red Balloons

ABV 6.8% IBU 25

For the debut of our “One Hit Wonder Series”, we take you back to the ‘80’s for one of the greatest anti-war songs ever penned. 99 Red Balloons is our classically styled, malt driven, Amber Ale. We attempt to “identify, clarify, and classify” by using categorically traditional malts to drive this Amber Ale’s color and flavor. Cara Amber, Pilsner Malt, and Roasted Barley combine to create a deeply layered malt flavor that finishes with some residual sweetness. We’ve been holding onto the strings of this easy drinking ale but the time has come to “think of you, and let it go…”

Session Hazy IPA

Wonder of it smALL

ABV 4% IBU 9

Here we celebrate wonder in a new way, with a Hazy Session IPA. This beer’s mild grain bill and reduced ABV combine to generate an infinitely “crushable” brew, while its smooth juiciness provides just the right amount of hop character. Ariana hops, a new German strain noted for its blackcurrant and grapefruit flavors, is the primary hop utilized while a single dry-hop of Azacca adds depth and notes of mango and lime. Big things come in small packages! Tiny but mighty! No matter your favorite minute euphemism, we hope you enjoy our unique take on the Session style and discover The Wonder Of It smALL.

American Stout

Famous No. 40

ABV 6.5% IBU 20

Nevada has several “official” representatives, but perhaps none as longstanding as the legendary locomotive…Engine No. 40. Declared the Official State Locomotive of Nevada in 2009, this 10 wheeler type steam locomotive has, famously, been in some sort of service in Nevada for 111 years!!! Housed in Nevada, hand-crafted, black in color, and ohhh so vintage, this historic NV landmark shares ALL those qualities with our latest beer. Here, we brew up a hardworking, blue-collar American Stout that rolls up its sleeves and goes “full steam ahead” in displaying all the traditional characteristics found in this style: slight roast, moderate ABV, coffee & chocolate notes, pitch-black coloration. Don’t get railroaded into drinking something inferior, “stay on track” and enjoy an ale that drinks famously well, no matter the number of sips you have.

Double IPA

Think & Wonder

ABV 8.2% IBU 60

Congratulations! – Today is your day – You’re off to a Wonderful place – to drink IPAs!

This West-Coast Style Double IPA was intricately authored to take you on a hoppy journey…and “ohhh, the places you’ll go” while enjoying this brew. We’ve illustrated this distinctive style from beginning to end, using lupulin magic, to make you both “Think & Wonder” how such a hoppy masterpiece could be created.

Heavy doses of Citra and CTZ welcome you with the strong aroma of fresh hops, followed by a citrusy, dank bitterness, and finishing with a clean smoothness that will have your tastebuds pondering what just happened.

Yes, we THINK you’ll enjoy this indeed – & there’s no need to WONDER – it’s 98 and 3/4’s percent guaranteed!

Belgian Hazy IPA

 The Floating Dutchman

ABV 6.1% IBU 8

Legend has it that air travelers who’ve been drawn of course might encounter “The Floating Dutchman”, a phantom hot air balloon adrift in the sky that seemingly beckons pilots to follow. Unlike its marine counterpart, this ghostly apparition leads wayward explorers to safety rather than to impending doom. Here, we rely on the otherworldly skills of our head brewer to safely guide us along our dangerously delectable journey. Showcasing Triumph hops and a Monastery yeast strain, this brew features the flavors and aromas associated with age-old Belgian yeast strains alongside the fruity, citrus notes common in new-age hops. Perhaps it’s an optical illusion? Perhaps an atmospheric disturbance? Perhaps, just a coincidentally shaped cloud? Who can really say, but for those who’ve encountered “The Floating Dutchman” it’s an experience difficult to classify, not easily forgotten, and full of Wonder.

Hazy Kölsch

 Fuzzy chicken

ABV 5.9% IBU 3

Who knew “fuzzy chickens” were a real thing?


Do the Fuzzy Chicken!!! Don’t split your pants, its not a new dance, its just our latest Wonderfully unique creation. We got a little “fuzzy” on the details of a traditional Kolsch recipe and gave our brewer “free range” to have some fun with this under appreciated style. The result is a hazy, yellow hued brew that uses mild additions of Citra, Amarillo, and Zamba hops to create floral aromas and flavors of lemon and fresh citrus fruit. “Clucking in” at just 3 IBUs and 5.9% ABV, this refreshing ale drinks silkie-smooth and is a surprising addition to our flock of hazy offerings.

Hazy IPA

 Lawn Chair Balloonist

ABV 6.4% IBU 9

Sometimes a dream is so powerful that it simply won’t let go of you….the notion or desire propels you into uncharted territories or towards feats unaccomplished. A dream pushed Magellan to circumnavigate the globe, the Wright brothers to fly, test-pilot Chuck Yeager to break the sound barrier, and truck driver Larry Walters to make one of history’s most amazing solo flights. On July 2nd 1982, Larry strapped himself into a homemade airship, consisting of an ordinary patio chair tied to 43 helium filled weather balloons, and launched a flight that took him 16,000 feet in the air and into the flight path of passing 747 passenger airliners! Using an old lawn chair that was already in his possession, balloons purchased from Toy Time Balloons, a whole lot of guile, and an idea that had been in his head since he was a child, this “lawn chair balloonist” dared to dream and left an indelible mark on the history of flight. Our “Lawn Chair Balloonist” is designed to commemorate that fabled flight and echo its notion of adventure, uninhibitedness, and playful abandon. Turbidly Hazy in appearance, this brew launches with a soft hop aroma and floral overtones, then drifts into flavor paths of peach and citrus before descending into a fruity, but slightly dry, finish. For his flight Larry carried but 5 items: a camera, a CB radio, a pellet gun (so he could shoot some of the balloons to initiate descent), a sandwich, and…. BEER. This beer is for those of you who refuse to let go of your dreams, no matter how many balloons it takes you to get there, and have the vision to realize that even something as simple as a lawn chair can propel you towards accomplishment if you are willing to RISE in the pursuit of creating an inspired life

Triple IPA

 Balloonasaurus Rex

ABV 11.3% IBU 70

The Balloonasaurus Rex ruled the IPA world during the Hoptaceous Period from 1974-1979. This Period was marked by a severe lack of hoppy beer sources and dominated by macro-species like the Budadactyl and the Velocipabstor. The B-Rex, known for it’s affinity for disco music and innate craving for hop-forward ales, was an oxygen-filled apex predator that ruled the landscape of Nevada for a brief, but important, time. Sadly, the Balloonasaurus Rex was not done in by an extinction level event, or the emergence of a superior species, but by a genetic shortcoming…its tiny forelimbs were too short to operate modern tap-handles. Paleontologists have discovered that the B-Rex preferred Cashmere, Idaho Gem, and El Dorado hops, so we crafted a ferocious 11% IPA featuring those hops and flavors of melon, berry, orange, and alcohol.

Blonde Ale

 Something Beautiful

ABV 5.3% IBU 20

SMaSH beers are defined by their recipes, consisting of a Single Malt and Single Hop. While this style of beer may appear to be overly simplified it can actually lead to complex results and is an interesting way to explore the more nuanced characteristics of a particular malt and a specific hop varietal. The challenge in brewing this style is to pair the malt and hop in a way that works to create “something beautiful”. SMaSH guidelines can be applied to any craft beer style, but we’ve chose to use these parameters in creating our Blonde Ale. Golden Promise Malt and Rakua hops combine to create a light, easy drinking blonde ale that’s…smashable.

Golden Barleywine

Courage & Thunder Dawn

ABV 11.6% IBU 44

Courage! What makes a new beer come alive? Courage! What makes you long to be surprised? Courage! When it can’t be categorized or boxed, what makes bold beer unlock it’s locks? Courage! What gives it hints of toffee, pineapple, and candy? Courage! What makes you sip then say, “that’s dandy!” Courage! What brought you to this place of Wonder? Courage! What makes the dawn come up like thunder? Courage! What makes you crave much more, not less? What puts the “awe” in awesomeness? This Golden Barleywine, I do confess. What gives a cowardly lion claws? What makes balloons traverse to Oz? When there’s no denyin’ that you’re just a dandy-lion, then refill and keep tryin’, Courage! Courage! Courage!

Imperial Dark Lager 

Von Kempelen’s Discovery

ABV 10.7% IBU 32

It’s 1850 and the Comstock Silver Rush has begun in Nevada, the California Gold Rush has begun as well, and over 100,000 people have relocated to the Western United States in search of fortune. Socialites on the East Coast don’t care for this migration and one in particular, Edgar Allen Poe, decides to do something in an attempt to quell the nation’s sudden thirst for prospecting. Poe’s solution was to pen an article claiming that a German scientist, Baron Von Kempelen, had discovered the secrets of alchemy and could turn lead into gold. This amazing revelation, centuries in the making, would render gold nearly worthless as it could now be easily man-made. With this brew, we don’t claim alchemy, but we do take German scientific properties (the Schwarzbier and Dunkel styles) and alter them in order to conjure something new. This Imperial Dark Lager melds the mild nuttiness of a Dunkel with the light body and dry aftertaste of a Schwarzbier, while maintaining the signature roasted malt character that German black beers are known for. Poe’s article was a hoax of course, but this beer is no joke, and we hope our mysterious transmutation of styles will lead you to discover something new.